Writing your story on oldrats.com

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Jan 152012

To enter your own story you have to go to ‘dashboard’ (at the top) -‘add new post.’ You will get the ‘Edit Posts’ screen. Give your story a title. The box below is the section where you can type and write your story. When your done hit ‘publish’ on the right side of the screen. Your story will be on the top (most recent post) ~ that’s all there is to it. It is actually easier to type it in ‘word’ and ‘copy and paste’ it. You can also ‘save draft’ if you are not done and want to save your work. To insert a photo, there are three symbols above … the first (square box) will let you upload and insert a photo into the story. The second symbol lets you insert a video clip and the the third let’s you insert music. Give it a try guys … you can’t screw anything-up. ‘Posts’ are published by date, with the most recent post at the top of the list. To change the order of your post, just change the date!
‘Dashboard’ also has a ‘manage posts’ where you can edit or change your stories. Only your stories are available to you. You can ‘comment’ on other rats stories but you can’t edit or change them. The writer of a story can approve (or not) comments.

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